Jamie Bolio

The participation at the Animando class means also meeting a lot of masters, like Jamie Bolio!She was very nice and she gave to us  important suggestions for to enter in the industry of art and critiques on our portfolio that helped us a lot.I’m very grateful and lucky!


mobi franke workshop nemo academy

Moby Francke

This was the Moby Francke workshop at the Odeon theatre in Florence. It was very interesting to hear and understand the point of view of an Art Director in “Riot Games”… so i was very happy to met this videogame master!!!


John Nevarez


Workshop with the Story artist and character designer, John Nevarez, who worked with Pixar, Duncan studios, Disney Television and Sony Pictures Animation.


workshop sandro cleuso character design

Sandro Cleuzo

This photo was took after two days of an incredible masterclass with Sandro Cleuzo,character designer and animator of a great number of Disney’s films . It was very inspirational drawing meanwhile he was showing to us his process to create a character.

Peter Emmerich

Two days of work hard ,meeting fantastic people during the masterclass with the Peter Emmerich who’s working at Disney.


I’ll rember forever this event non only for his artistic knowledge but because of the wonderful person that Peter is.